Taylor and Mario


Jun 18, 2015

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Taylor and Mario

Washington, DC

Cherry Blossom Engagement Shoot

Okay I have to admit I just started blogging which is probably why you’re not seeing a lot of posts here. However I thought it would be appropriate (throwback thursday) to share one of my favorite engagement shoots!

Taylor is one of my good friends and my roommate when I lived in France. She got engaged last year to Mario and asked me to be her wedding photographer. I was so excited! I still say to this day she got me into photography after my dad bought me my first DSLR to take with me when I studied abroad.

Anyways back to this engagement shoot. We were throwing ideas of what we can do. She lives about 4 and a half hours away from me in Roanoke so we wanted to do something cool and unique and around March when the weather is iffy to begin with. We thought why not do an engagement shoot with the cherry blossoms!

We should’ve known better haha. We got there at about 4am thinking we were in the clear. However everyone else was there with their cameras and the other 10,000 getting ready for the 10k race. But honestly after seeing these photos we didn’t regret going and it made for a fun experience to tell later on.




Taylor and Mario, I’m so excited to capture your big day in October!

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