Casey and Carl Wedding


Apr 14, 2018

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I don’t think the weather and location could’ve been more perfect in Dublin! Casey and Carl met over math at a conference. They used the theme throughout the wedding day. Guests even had to do some adding, subtracting, and multiplication to find their seats during the reception. Let me tell you those equations were not easy to solve! Casey and Carl have such a great sense of humor that you can feel how much they belong together. Plus they brought their adorable pup along for the day who was the “ring security.”  Congrats to you both!




Venue: Shannon Community Center Dublin, Ca.

Dress: Joanna’s Bridal

Groomsmen and Groom: The Men’s Warehouse

Florist: Breath of Fresh Air

Wedding Planner: Breath of Fresh Air

DJ/Entertainment Services: DJ Diamond Dave

Videographer: Ascension Digital

Catering: Pleasant Catering and Hiroshi’s Catering

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